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My role

Senior Copywriter

The ask

Hootsuite has three core audiences that it speaks to—all in their own way, with their own core messages. The ask was to create a brand campaign that spoke to all three in a cohesive manner, whilst maintaining separate messaging.

The insight

While the messaging might be different for each of the audiences, they all had a common goal in mind — to improve their businesses using social media.


This is Hootsuite's strength — it can be a different tool to all three audiences, but it still helps them achieve their common goal. 

The idea


Instead of creating one campaign that all three had to fit into, I created a framework that would adapt to the audience.


It has no 'set' line or copy, and instead can chop and change depending on who the piece of content is aimed at. But at the end still shows the audience how Hootsuite is theirs to use how they need. It gives each of the three audiences a unique experience that was still linked together under the campaign.


Your __________, our ___________.


This framework put the customer back at the centre of the campaign, and allowed Hootsuite to speak to the audience on how it can help them and their business in a direct and concise manner. 

The execution


This was a part of a wider brand refresh that rolled out in early 2019. 

As such, it featured across social, print, video, and campaign landing pages. 

Copywriter - Emma Brown

Art Direction - Brenda Wisniowski

Video editing - Derek Saddler

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